TP Founder

Mike Knox, founder of Twende Pamoja, sadly died on 2 September 2020.  Among his many gifts, Mike was a poet.  For the next 12 months we will publish one poem a month on this website. 

Mike Knox 1953 – 2020

Until now, Mike’s  poetry has been unpublished, although Mike and friends  have performed some of his poems live on special occasions, so a few may be familiar. Hope you enjoy Mike’s poems.


At night

I can wake up


with anyone,

in any place.

The empty space

beside me is always filled.

My past and future,

            my known and unknown

            and rather not be

are all there;

in the stirred pool

of light, unfathomable,

velvet greyness.

Who knows tonight

what or who or when

            will rise to the surface

            to be welcomed;

what barred doors will slide open

            to reveal and admit;

what light will illuminate,

            purify, resolve.

It will be real;

it will live in the next day

in a room no one can see

or enter but me.

And through its presence

there will be a truth

to sift what comes;

and through its presence

the present past will be.