Our Work

In the context of relationship and with commitment to the UN sustainable Development goals we seek to:

Create and develop international partnerships, nurture a vision of Global Citizenship, Support Better Education for young people through ICT, Literacy and other initiatives, promote peace, justice and nonviolence, promote enterprise and economic sustainability for communities, encourage Creativity through expressive arts and work for social inclusion and equal opportunities.

What we Do

Through Education for Better Futures initiative, we support teachers develop themselves in ICT skills through trainimng and resources support for their schools. We better Equip Teachers with Digital resources that support them in teaching.

Teacher Training Session in Mulo PS in Kilimanjaro
Teachers Training Session in Sungu PS in Mweka

Twende Kijani Environmental Project

The Twende Kijani (Let’s Go Green) Environmental Project seeks to creatively reflect on life in our global village with an eye to the past, a view to the future and within an experience of the present moment. It does so in the context of a growing consciousness of the need for urgent and direct action to safeguard, restore and maintain our planet and the universe we find ourselves part of. The development of a common and on-going commitment is critical.

Twende Kijani Tree Planting Project for young people in Kilimanjaro Region
Twende Kijani Workshop in Maua PS in Kilimanjaro Region

The Twende Kijani Project seeks to enable participants to:

  • Be familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Understand past and current global challenges to the environment.
  • Develop skills in and strategies for environmental protection, conservation and promoting environmental justice.
  • Become familiar with the key figures, movements, organizations and sources of inspiration for environmental conservation.
  • Develop, resource and facilitate the use of ICT, Social Media and the Expressive Arts (music, art, drama, dance, media and creative writing) in promoting the vision of the UN Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on environmental issues and opportunities for change.

We work towards climate justice, gender equality and inclusion and support communities in fighting climate change and inequalities resulting from it.