Makutano Youth groups & Association

MAKUTANO is the youth organisation of Twende Pamoja. There are now Makutano Groups in both Tanzania and Scotland.

The members have agreed on the following aims:

  • To promote the need for a global vision
  • To develop our creativity, explore ideas and face challenges together
  • To raise awareness of key global issues including the Economy & Fair Trade, Education, the Environment, Health and Human Rights
  • To develop relationships between young people in Scotland and Tanzania
  • To strengthen our relationships as a family group
  • To make our futures better by helping each other as young leaders

The Group state that the purpose of these groups “is to involve others in walking hand in hand with other young people across the world, to develop our global vision, to make changes in our own lives and in our communities and to begin to bring about the vision we have of how our world should be.”

Groups in Scotland and Tanzania are looking at the following topics in the coming months. The meetings may be weekly or every two weeks or once a month and are organised to cover the 4 stages of the process.

Lifestyle and Culture



The Environment

Human Rights 

Stage 1 The topic is discussed and the group identifies what information it needs.

Stage 2 Members investigate the topic and then share their findings with the group. A common knowledge and understanding of the topic is agreed.

Stage 3 The group decides on what action is necessary in the short, medium and long term by individual members, by the group itself, by the community or school that the group is part of and then at a wider level. Individuals and the group decide on one specific action (however small) they will undertake as soon as possible to make a difference in some way.

Stage 4 The group meets to share on what members have undertaken since the last meeting. Each person shares what had been done, what worked and what was difficult. The group reviews any agreed group activity and next steps.

There is ongoing sharing between the Scottish and Tanzanian partner groups

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