Makutano 2014

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games provide a natural focus for developing further connections between Scotland and Tanzania as a springboard for reflecting on the reality of our global village. The World Cup in Brazil, which takes place in June and July 2014, also provides us with an opportunity to increase our awareness of our common humanity and interests.

The Makutano Project aims to create a cultural response to Glasgow 2014. The Makutano Production is an intermedia exploration of the invisible ties that connect us, and the invisible lines that divide us. It is a vehicle for young people of all ages from both countries and beyond to explore all aspects of their lives, from day-to day worries to global citizenship concerns. The final Production and linked activities will take place in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Tanzania during June and July 2014. The production is flexible and will be adapted to the various contexts and spaces it is presented in.

The Project began with a variety of workshops in June 2013 in Scotland and in Tanzania and will continue until June 2014 in both countries – within and outwith the primary, secondary, further and higher education contexts. There will also be community-based workshops. These workshops have formed the basis for the intermedia community production, which will be showcased between 17 and 21 June in the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh, a number of schools in Glasgow and in various venues in Tanzania.

Community, Belonging, Home, Nationalism, Religion, Sectarianism, Colonialism, Identity and Communication … all are wide open for exploration as we share our stories & experiences through a variety of art forms around an international campfire. Through dialogue with others, we begin to understand more deeply ourselves and recognise the common ground we stand upon. Some events will take place around actual bonfires.

The Makutano Project is distinct from, but arises out of, our previous project – The Hand in Hand Global Vision Project. It will reflect the views of over 13,000 children and young adults who have dialogued together to express a global vision and worldview. This was launched from Mount Everest, Arthur’s Seat and Ben Nevis in 2012 and from Mount Kilimanjaro in July this year. There will be a further climb of Arthur’s Seat and Kilimanjaro at the close of the Project.

We are bringing together a core group of Scottish / Tanzanian directors, writers, composers, film-makers, musicians, actors, and dancers. Moving out from this team we will incorporate the contributions of a wide and inclusive range of individuals and groups from within and outwith the educational context.

The Makutano Project is developed in association with the City of Edinburgh Children and Families Department, the International Unit of Edinburgh City Council and Edinburgh City of Learning.  The Project is also linked to the British Council Connecting Classrooms Programme, which many of the school partnerships are involved in. The Project is supported by Mr Peter Kallaghe, the Tanzanian High Commissioner and Mr Kenny MacAskill MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice.



The Hand in Hand Banner – from Arthur’s Seat to Mount Everest

Wilfred Moshi launched the ‘Hand in Hand’ Global Vision Project at the summit of Mount Everest at 9.00am on Saturday 19 May 2012. He is the first Tanzanian to reach the summit. The flag that went with him was used in the launch on Arthur’s Seat on Saturday 23 June 2012 with representatives from the schools and communities with partnerships. Wilfred came to Scotland in September 2012 and led a group to the top of Ben Nevis. In 2013 3 Edinburgh teachers went with him to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. And in July this year a group of young Scottish and Tanzanian young adults will take the banner to the top of Kilimanjaro for the last time to mark the conclusion of this stage of the Global Vision Project. You are welcome to join them!

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