A Global Vision


agreed by young people in Scotland and Tanzania


We believe that elections in both our countries should be kept open and fair and that democracy should operate freely and properly.

We believe that there needs to be an end to corruption and that strict laws and regulations should operate within our systems of government.

We believe the development of infrastructure and communications in our countries will improve the quality of our lives.


We see the effects of an unfair distribution of wealth in our countries and how this injustice creates unnecessary difficulties for the people around us.

We would like to see a minimum wage so that workers profit from their hard work and benefit from the natural wealth of their own countries.

We believe in Fair Trade between countries and businesses and a market based on equal opportunities. No country should benefit at the expense of another, but all should work together and share improvements in science and technology.

We seek the development of new and prosperous towns and cities and the regeneration of those that already exist. Encouragement and support is essential for new investors and businesses.


We understand that there is a need for education for all people in order that we may develop our world in the right way.

We understand that through studying well at school and beyond we can help eradicate poverty and injustice in our countries.

Governments should recognise and honour the rights of all human beings to receive a good education and should work together to improve education globally. We believe that the best facilities should be provided in all schools. Young people should not be held back in their studies by the lack of any necessary learning resources.


We believe that employment opportunities should be available for young people as they make the transition to employment and adulthood.

We believe we should work together globally to solve problems of unemployment.


We understand that pollution is a problem in Tanzania and Scotland and one that the whole planet faces. We recognise the effects of global warming.

We hope that the natural environment that surrounds our schools and wider communities will be preserved for those who follow us.

We believe that by sharing an education about the environment, recycling and planting more trees we can preserve the world of our ancestors for our successors.


We would like to live in a world free from hunger and disease. We believe the provision of health care is a basic human right.

Health education is essential to make people aware of wise choices and decisions about personal and family health issues.

We understand how sexual diseases have an effect on families and communities in both Africa and Europe.

We recognise a need for sex education within and outwith our schools to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

We believe that the abuse of drugs and alcohol are problems in both our countries and across the world.


We believe that everyone must understand their rights and work for justice and equality. We know that peace and justice can only be brought about through co-operation and solidarity.

We would like all people to be free from the threat of capital punishment and that the human rights of everyone are respected.

We seek sexual equality across the world with the same opportunities provided to all people. We no longer want women to be seen as objects in society.

We would like to see the duties of men and women at home and in the community shared equally.

We believe that everyone in the world should have access to clean running water and electricity.

We believe that people should continue to be respectful to each other and each other’s possessions.

We look forward to a world free from racial and religious discrimination.


We feel that our cultures should continue to keep their traditions alive, including local and traditional music.

We believe that good and open relationships with our family and friends and community are essential.

We believe that the strength of faith and that the importance of religion in Tanzanian and Scottish culture should not be allowed to fall away.

We believe that by trusting the goodness in others we can lead them to a better life and we are mindful that by using our many gifts and talents we can achieve great things.

We believe that the relationship shared between Tanzania and Scotland is important and hope that it will continue to prosper and grow.

We hope that Tanzania and Scotland will continue to flourish as beautiful, peaceful and proud countries.



How you could by yourself, or with your friends and other young people, help change the world. Please leave a comment or share an idea.

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