Two Volcanoes Project


The Two Volcanoes Project seeks to creatively reflect on life in our global village with an eye to the past, a view to the future and within an experience of the present moment. There is a particular focus on life in Scotland and in Tanzania viewed from the twin peaks of two extinct volcanoes – Arthur’s Seat and Mount Kilimanjaro.

When we look out from either of these two volcanoes we are invited to enjoy a new perspective as we meet, encounter and are changed by others, even at a distance. When we step through our own life into the culture of another we are invited into relationship and an appreciation of diversity and unity. We become global village citizens who can celebrate and affirm diversity, attuned to our common heartbeat.

The Workshop Experience

The words, emotions, ideas & memories expressed by participants through creative writing and the expressive arts will be a response to the experience of journeying on and witnessing the landscape, viewed through proximity and distance, through group discussion and individual imagination.

Arthur’s Seat and Mount Kilimanjaro are directly encountered up close as well as framed in the urban context of the surrounding city or rural landscape. The workshops explore direct sensory information, personalised responses and remembered stories & narratives relating to the landscape and its surrounding geographies.

The one or two day workshops are available for school and adult groups.

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