Pamoja Fashion

Many charities rely on Charity Shops for a significant part of their income. We intend to collect quality clothing, jewelry and fashion accessories and then restore and ‘upcycle’ them.  They will be sold in Scotland and Tanzania through a number of channels. Young people in Tanzania will design and send clothes here. We intend to run one large annual fashion show and a number of more locally based events, some in schools.

We have established a core team to manage the project in both countries and to draw up the business plan. In the long term this will provide a significant income and employment opportunities for young people in both countries.

The business will begin with a collection of clothes and accessories during Autumn 2014 and conclude with a Fashion Show in October. We will invite people to donate 5 quality items, which will be collected on an agreed date.

Any partner community or school or any interested individuals would be welcome to be involved.

There have been many interesting suggestions already and those involved will have the opportunity to work with professionals in this field.

The coordinating team welcome anyone who would like to take part and the ideas of anyone who would be willing to contribute them. Please use our Contact form.

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