Schools with Partnerships

Primary Schools

Lasso PS                    St Francis PS

Mrumeni PS             St Mary’s PS (Edin)

Msufini PS                Towerbank PS

Maua PS                    Royal High PS

Kyou PS                     St Cuthbert’s PS

Legho PS                   St John’s PS (P)

St Ursula’s PS           St Peter’s PS

Assumpta PS             St Ninian’s PS

Mweka PS                  St Catherine’s PS

Omi PS                       St John Vianney PS

Mulo PS                     Duddingston PS

Mary Benet PS           Brunstane PS

Sambarai PS              Parsons Green PS

Kilema PS                  St Mary’s PS (Leith)

& Kichilioni PS

Kilai PS                       Gorebridge PS

Ngangu PS                 St Mary’s PS (Clydebank)

Mandaka PS               St Eunan’s PS

Mue PS                       being arranged

Kindikati PS               being arranged

Kisowoni PS               being arranged

Mkyashi PS                being arranged


Secondary Schools

Lombeta SS                Holy Rood HS

Olaleni SS                  St Peter the Apostle HS

Kilasara SS                 St Augustine’s HS

St Ursula SS               being arranged

Kirua SS                     being arranged

Ungwasi SS                being arranged

St AmedeusSS           being arranged

Kibosho SS                 being arranged

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