Twende Pamoja

Twende Pamoja Trust operates in both Tanzania and Scotland. The fundamental purpose of Twende Pamoja is Developing a global vision in the context of relationships by creating international partnerships between schools and communities in Tanzania and the United Kingdom.

Ensuring Sustainability through use of ICT
Fostering School Partnerships and friendships .
Supporting Young People in Discovering a sustainable environment requires their full involvement

Twende Pamoja Supports enterprises and economic sustainability in Communities around Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania

Our Aim

To advance the education of the public in the life and culture of Tanzania and to share Scottish culture with Tanzanian people by fostering good community relations at all levels of society.

Our Mission

To promote the development of a Global Vision in the context of relationship between communities, schools and places of learning in Tanzania and the United Kingdom.

Our Vision

We envision united and developing Communities with common values and a shared Global Vision.

Twende Pamoja Trust