Twende Pamoja Centre

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The Twende Pamoja Centre plans to offer:


  • Accommodation for 50 in 25 twin bedded en-suite rooms and 200 in dormitories
  • Workshops, learning rooms, and a cookery school
  • Pamoja Arts Centre: art studio, music room and performance area
  • Library, computer and media centre
  • Dining hall and meeting rooms
  • Gardens and car park


Education and Life-long Learning           

  • Learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of individuals and groups
  • Vocational training programmes
  • Adult education programmes
  • Resource base for global education
  • Part day, whole day and residential courses for primary and secondary pupils
  • Holiday study programmes for school pupils
  • University and College student programmes and conferences
  • Education in the Expressive Arts:  music, art, drama, dance, photography, film and media
  • Mother and child care programme
  • Training and employment for young people and adults with disabilities


Courses and classes in:

English and Swahili, using computers, tailoring, welding, mechanics, shoemaking, electrical device repair, agricultural education, coffee growing and processing, animal husbandry, driving, cookery, creative writing and journalism


Personal Development and Faith Formation                               

  • Conferences and meetings on different themes and subjects for people from all backgrounds, faiths, ages and walks of life
  • Directed individual and small group opportunities for reflection
  • Leadership training
  • Opportunities for formation and personal development for young adults
  • Residential programmes and retreats
  • Experience of and reflection on community


Enterprise and Finance

  • Business management courses
  • Business & skills training for those involved in individual and small group economic projects
  • Show room and shop for locally produced items
  • Carpentry, Fashion & Tailoring, Shoemaking, Hairdressing and Coffee Businesses.
  • Wholesale supplies


Twende Pamoja Theatre Company


Hospitality and Outreach

  • Hospitality, comfortable accommodation, good food and a quiet place apart
  • Accommodation, food and facilities for celebrations for up to 400 people
  • Holidays and programmes for young people without parents


Work on the Centre has stopped for the time being until we can generate further funds.

Presently the rooms that are partially completed are being used for meetings and the beginnings of a joinery workshop.

The hope this year is complete the basic structure of the ground floor so that even without windows or electricity it can begin to realise its purpose and potential – step by step. Our target is to raise £100,000.