St Ursula Secondary School

Education for Transformation

A New School

Twende Pamoja is supporting the development of a new secondary school near Mweka, a few kilometres out of Moshi in the direction of Mount Kilimanjaro.
St Ursula Secondary School aims to provide education of a high quality eventually to 600 pupils from Form 1 to Form 6, welcoming both boarding and day students.

A Shared Vision

We seek to combine the vision of the Tanzanian and Scottish Education systems. While being centred in the National Tanzanian Education system, St Ursula Secondary School will also benefit from the school and staff development materials and educational resources of the Scottish Education System.

Education for Transformation

We are committed to the transformation of all our students into successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

A Learning Community

We aim in our relationships to show the highest level of care and compassion for one another based on mutual respect and support. We recognise, respect and celebrate the religious, cultural and social diversity we have within our school community. We aim to deliver high standards of effective learning and teaching, in a supportive and nourishing environment to enable all pupils to develop positive attitudes towards learning, achieve their full potential, develop self-worth and build the resilience and self-awareness required for life.

Looking Outwards

We will work to develop a global vision in all our students, based on relationship, through the international context of our school.

Ready for the future

The use of Information and Computer Technology in education, business, communication, entertainment and life in general has increasingly become an important part of our lives in the 21st Century and will continue to be so. The use of ICT in education is a key focus area for St Ursula Secondary School. All pupils leaving the school will be ICT literate.



In January this year the first staff came together. After a week’s staff induction and orientation the first students arrived. Presently there are only Form 1 students and then, year by year, the school will quickly grow. You can see all that happened in the first few weeks of the school as these 42 young students arrived, met each other and began to live and work as a learning community by visiting: During their Induction fortnight they reflected together on how they could become a successful school and how they could become successful learners in a series of workshops and seminars. These are the students’ conclusions:

A Successful School
Form one students believe we will become a successful school by:
• Loving one another
• Respecting and helping each other: teachers, support staff and students in the school together
• Cooperating with each other in and out of class activities and programmes
• Working together as a group not only as individuals
• Sharing our ideas and making time to time to listen to each other
• Following the school rules and regulations
• Maintaining peace in our school
• Everyone becoming self confident
• Being smart and wearing our school uniform
• Taking part in sports and doing physical exercise to keep healthy
• Concentrating and working hard on our studies
• Using our time properly
• Speaking good English
• Listening carefully in class
• Always being punctual
• Creating a good environment for learning
• Keeping the school environment clean
• Competing with other schools

Successful Learners
Form one students believe we will become successful learners by:
• Studying hard and taking our studies seriously
• Being punctual
• Using time efficiently
• Regularly revising work
• Having confidence when talking to others
• Discussing and sharing ideas
• Cooperating and being patient and friendly with each other
• Asking questions when a topic or point is not understood
• Respecting and following the instructions of teachers and student leaders
• Having teachers who use a variety of teaching methods
• Using group discussion
• Having good resources for learning
• Reading books
• Fully participating in every aspect of the school life


A Global Vision
They looked beyond their own community to their country and the world at large. Form One students believe:
• Tanzania should have good, strong and intelligent leaders
• Everyone should be taught how to be good citizens
• There should be cooperation between the leaders and the citizens of Tanzania
• Corruption and discrimination should be ended
• Resources should be used effectively
• The privatisation of government industries should be stopped
• Technology and science should be more modern and improved
• Transportation and roads should be developed
• Grants and loans should be available to both individuals and groups of people
• Employment should be improved
• There should be an increase in manufacturing industries
• Social Services should be improved
• Health care should be available to all people
• All children should receive an equal and effective education in both government and private schools
• Water should be easily available to everyone
• The environment should be preserved and trees should not be cut down
• Wild animals should not be killed
• The use of drugs should be stopped
• Human Rights must be preserved
• Peace should be maintained in the country